Log your workouts
and track your progress.

Velo Hero is a free and vendor independent training log and performance analysis software, that gives competitive cyclists the motivation and support to achieve their athletic goals. Runners and triathletes are welcome, too.

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Record your athletic activity - the more data (speed, heart rate, power etc.) the better. Recordings of many manufacturers such as Polar, Garmin and SRM are supported. Even apps like IpBike, Wahoo or Locus Maps can be used.


Upload your workout data via the website or by email. With tapiriik your training data from other platforms such as Garmin Connect, TrainingPeaks or RunKeeper can be synchronized.

Analyze & Share

Analyze and share individual activities or all workouts. Many important values are calculated and displayed. To name a few: Training impulse (TRIMP), intensity, stress and average ascent speed (VAM).

The biggest difference to other platforms is that Velo Hero is a one-man project. I get no support from companies and also will not sell your data. Since no one else is involved in decisions I can implement new features quickly. I'm a cyclist and use my software every day.

Nils Knieling, Founder of Velo Hero

Made in Germany

Velo Hero is developed and operated in Germany. The processing of your data thus takes place in compliance with the strict data protection laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and the data protection regulations of the European Union.

You ride frequently and cycling is a part of your life? You may even have a power meter on your bike? If so, Velo Hero is just right for you. Velo Hero is a free training diary for cyclists, triathletes and runners. Additionally there is a paid Pro version with more features. The training log helps you record workouts and analyze your workout data. Log your rides, running and swimming. Import your training data from all major manufacturers such as Garmin, Polar, Schoberer Rad Messtechnik (SRM), daum electronic, SIGMA, Zwift, PeriPedal, GoldenCheetah, FALK, Timex, Mio and many more. Track your progress with this free training diary. The free training diary is easy to use and perfect for your workout. Learn from past experiences and maximize your potential as a cyclist. Train better for your goals on race day and not for virtual KOMs. Train more effectively with Velo Hero.